Tuesday, 21 May 2013

How to Write a Love letter to girl-some simple tips

How to Write a Love letter to girl-some simple tips

     * Write you own Love letter

  1.      Use some Special Papers, e.g.: Handmade paper.
    tips to write a love letter
  2.      Find out the Girl’s name and write “Dear (insert name)” on the top of the page.
    love letter
  3.    Talk about what you like about her and a little about yourself.
    love letter to propose
  4.     Sign it “love, (Insert name here)”,or leave it anonymous, give strong hints as to     who you are.
    effective love letter
  5.   Try putting a picture of yourself to a card.
    prema lekha
  6.   Put in something noticeable like a bright pink envelop , or something more discreet if you think she will find it embarrassing, and have a friend give to her or put in her locker. If you don’t know what her locker number is, ask one of her friends.
    format to write a love letter
  7.  If you are the confident type, find her, walk straight up to her and hand it to her with a smile. Don’t talk too much to her.


  •    Don't tell your best friend to give the girl the envelope. If she knows they're your best friend it's a dead giveaway.
  •   Don't sign your real name if you don't want to be found out. Try using the classic ''From your Secret Admirer'' to be mysterious and reel her in.

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