Thursday, 30 May 2013

10 Interesting facts about Facebook

10 Interesting facts about Facebook


Fact no 1:

  • Burger King had a campaign for a free whooper if u unfriend 10 people.
  • They sent messages to victims to let them know they were worth less then burger.
  • The campaign was quickly suspended.
Burger king

Fact no 2:

  • In 2006 chris Putnam hacked Facebook, changing 1000’s of profiles to a MySpace style.
  • He was hired by Facebook.
 Chris Putnam was Hired by Facebook.

Fact no 3:

  • There are over 30 million accounts on Facebook belonging to Dead people.
  • There are cases of people being murdered for unfriending others.
over 30 million dead people have Facebook account

Face no 4:

  • 300 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day.
  • It is home to over 219 billion photos-4% of all photos ever taken in History.
Interesting facts about facebook

Fact no 5:

  • If the Facebook was a country it would be the third largest in the world, behind china & India.
  • It has over 900 million active users.
Facebook was the third largest country in population in behalf of china and India

Fact no 6:

  • The first incamation was called “Facemash” , Then The Facebook.
  • was brought for $200,000 in august, 2005.
before facebook

Fact no 7:

  • It is estimated that Facebook has a role in 20% of diverse cases in U.S.
  • 25% Facebook users dumped on Facebook.
Facebook causes divorce problem

Fact no 8:

  • “Dave choe” , the graphic artist who painted Facebook’s first HQ, asked to be paid in stock.
  • The stock is now worth $200 million.
His stock on Facebook is $200 million

Fact no 9:

  • Iceland is rewriting its constitution using Facebook.
  • This is so that all its citizens can put forward their suggestions and changes.
Iceland rewriting the constitution

Fact no 10:

  • Facebook is primarily blue because Mark Zuckerberg is color Blind.
  • He has Red-Green color blindness and sees the Blue clearest.
Mark Zuckerberg has color blindness

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